detect and PREVENT COPD ATTACKS in real-time

Revamp your lifestyle by preventing COPD exacerbation attacks, monitoring your lung function and taking preventive measures in real-time

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Exacerbation hasten deterioration in pulmonary function and reduce quality of life. Patients who experience it are usually hospitalized, taking away time with their families.


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respira labs

We believe everyone deserves to enjoy life without having to worry about a health condition. For this reason, we are developing the first wearable device that can predict COPD exacerbation attacks in real-time. Our aim is to save lives and revolutionize COPD management, significantly improving patients' quality of life.

Our founder's inspiration

“My grandmother died of COPD in 2013, around the time I left a career as a surgeon to focus on public health. As I pursued my MTM at UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco, I began to think about incorporating technology to improve COPD management at home.


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Over 250 interviews show an impending need

“I have symptoms, but my heart rate and saturation are OK. I don’t know what to do. I’m scared, I don’t have a normal life”

—  Patient with COPD


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