August 13th, 2020
CEO of Respira Labs named Entrepreneur of the Year at the Women in IT Awards

The percentage of female IT leaders globally is at an astoundingly low 9%. Despite the diversity initiatives of over 30% of organizations in the past few years, the world has yet to see more emerging female leaders. The Women in IT

Awards seeks to tackle the issue of the declining female workforce in the tech industry by showcasing achievements of women in the sector and identifying role models.

We are honored to announce that Dr. Maria Artunduaga was named Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2018 Women in IT Awards in Silicon Valley.

“Dr. Artunduaga is incredibly passionate about her work and goes out of her way to keep improving Respira Lab’s prototype, funding, and reputation. Her persistence and dedication is something I admire, and I am happy to see her gain recognition for her hard work. She never seems to be resting!” says intern Kevin Lo.

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