April 25, 2019
Respira Labs wins 1st place in Big Ideas at Berkeley

Respira Labs is excited to announce that we have placed 1st in the Hardware for Good category in the Big Ideas @ Berkeley competition. This yearly competition funds projects that are relevant to the current generation. It aims to support teams with high impact and innovative projects- essentially “big ideas”. Respira Labs in particular was awarded for our “outstanding creativity, innovation and potential for social impact”. Dr. Artunduaga became the first graduate of her Master of Translational Medicine program to win this competition.  Starting with 330 pre-proposal applications, Respira Labs had to pass two rounds to make it to the final 34. Then prizes were awarded across 8 categories. Respira Labs won 1st in the Hardware for Good category. This category seems fitting due to the large demand in the healthcare industry for a viable preventative measure for COPD attacks.We are excited to use this money in developing a prototype and begin implementing our hardware for good!